Being the Ricardos (2021)

For their 46th episode, 25YL film critics, rapid-fire dads, and black-and-white school teachers Will Johnson and Don Shanahan meet up this week to discuss Aaron Sorkin's newest directorial effort "Being the Ricardos." The fellas debate what worked and what didn't with the Sorkin brand of dialogue and the movie's top notch cast. They also handicap the films Oscar chances as we inch closer to the 94th Academy Awards. Hissy Fitters, we're home! This show is what's for dinner. Come for the shared challenge and tirade and stay for the mutual love and respect for the fun movies encapsulate. Enjoy our podcast!
Production by Mitch Proctor for Area 42 Studios and Sound
Episode Artwork Charles Langley for Area 42 Studios and Sound

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Being the Ricardos (2021)
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